Christmas in London

Merry Christmas Everybody! I wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness and may each year bring you good luck and prosperity! 

It’s the first time that I’m spending Christmas in London since I moved here in 2012. Unfortunately, I had to work this year and my holiday will start on the 31st. At least I get to spend New Years at home which is great. On Christmas day London is empty. Almost everything is closed and there is no public transportation. I haven’t left the house since yesterday afternoon. Skype has been my best friend for the past 24 hours since I’ve been using it to virtually spend some time with my family who are back home in Italy. For Christmas eve I made myself lasagne and for Christmas day I made my version of scacciata. They were amazing let me tempt you a little bit with this picture. 



❅Happy holidays everybody! And here’s a small peek at London during Christmas Time!❅




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