Money with YouTube


I have officially started making money on YouTube. It is an incredible feeling. I monetized my videos at the beginning of November and after a few days, I started earning some money, and it has been growing ever since. It’s not a big amount, but the fact that I took action and started working towards my goal makes it a nice achievement. I was so happy and surprised the first time I saw the figure in “Total estimated earnings” change.

I wanted to share this with you because you can do it as well. It is easy and everybody can do it just by following these simple steps:

-Go to your account settings on YouTube and click on “View additional features”.
-Under the monetisation tab click on “Enable my account”.
-Then just follow the on screen steps to accept the YouTube monetisation agreement.

Note: You can enable or disable individual videos for monetisation in your Video Manager.

Like I always say: “Take Action, Get Results”. Remember, anything is possible!

Visit my YouTube channel by clicking the video below



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