The Worst Advice You Can Follow

Can you finish this old saying?

If you want something done right

We all know that the final words are “do it yourself”.

Supposedly, the first one to utter this saying was Charles-Guillaume Etienne, a 19th Century French dramatist.

Since then, it’s been regurgitated by gurus, parents, coaches, and anyone preaching self-reliance and rugged self-reliance. And gobbled up without thought by their minions.

But I submit that “If you want something done right, do it yourself” is one of the worst pieces of advice to ever become a cliché.

First, unless you’re an expert at the “something”, how can you be sure you’ll do it “right”?

In fact, every human being is highly proficient at only a handful of skills. Some individuals are not highly proficient at ANY skills.

So, for 99.99% of the “somethings” you want done right, it’s better to find SOMEONE ELSE to do it. Not do it yourself.

What “something” are you doing yourself that you should be delegating to someone else?

Where in your online business are you following the boneheaded advice of “If you want something done right, do it yourself?”

  • Creating products to sell
  • Sourcing products to sell
  • Generating traffic 
  • Converting traffic 
  • Phone sales
  • Customer service
  • Website design

What if there was a proven system that did all this for you? A system that’s paid out over $10 million in commissions to business owners just like you?

Why on earth would you do it all yourself, when someone else has already perfected the system you need to achieve your goals of financial independence?

The choice is yours, you can keep doing everything yourself and HOPE you do it right…or you can have it done for you and KNOW it’s done right.

Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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