White Hart Lane Stadium


Yesterday, for the first time since I moved to London, I went to watch a football match in a stadium. It was an amazing experience. I was so excited all day because I have been waiting for this day for a long time. Since I moved to London it’s been on my bucket-list, and for the past three years I tried several times to find any tickets for any match in London, but I could never find anything. So I got frustrated and for a while I stopped to looking for tickets. However, a few weeks ago I received an email from the Tottenham website about the sale of the tickets to the public, so I went to check on their website to see if there were any left and I bought the ticket for Tottenham vs Fiorentina, Europa League match.


The Stadium

I arrived outside the Stadium before 7:00 pm (the match starts at 8:05) and when I was outside, Fiorentina’s bus was just arriving and there were some supporters of Fiorentina that started to sing. After that I went inside the stadium and it was still empty, there were just a few people inside. I was so excited! It was awesome! Great view and superb atmosphere. After a while people started to arrive and Fiorentina’s fans started to sing before the match.

The Match

When the match started the stadium was almost full and at the beginning, only Fiorentina’s fans were singing, but when Tottenham scored their fans started to sing as well and it was amazing! This was exactly one of the reasons why I wanted to watch a match live in a stadium, in order to see and listen to the fans. The first half finished 1-0 for Tottenham. In the second half Tottenham scored the second goal and for like 5 minutes or more I could hear only Tottenham’s fans singing. Fiorentina fans were trying so hard to sing louder but couldn’t. And just before the match ending, Tottenham scored the third goal with an own goal.






It was an amazing experience, the atmosphere was exhilarating and the fans were really kind to others.

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